Sursock Museum

Back to life. Back to reality. To my blog life, to my virtual reality. Back from a fantasy, the fantasy of having a baby and still being able to manage my life as usual. I survived the disillusion, the total loss of control, the emotional… Read More

Ladurée Beirut

I bought my DSLR camera maybe three years ago but I still didn’t figure out what all the buttons are meant for. I took a course once but didn’t understand a word, seriously, it was too technical for me (and I’m an engineer). There was… Read More

Pasta di casa

We still have January but very soon you will start receiving ads giving you ideas for spending your Valentine’s evening with your beloved one. For me, no place embodies love and romance like Pasta di Casa in Clémenceau. The place is so tiny, you can’t… Read More

190 Urban Sushi

A part of my family routine with my sister in Munich is (beside eating tons of cakes) to have a snack at Sasou, a very good Asian restaurant in the old city center that makes the best seaweed soups ever. The place is always crowded,… Read More

Zaytunay Bay

I love the XXL Vodka TV ad where a young handsome guy who usually works on a yacht acts as if he was its owner, to impress a woman watching him from a nearby café. I like it because it’s such a typically Lebanese behavior,… Read More

The Village

Life is good and it will stay good. This is the message I took with me from the opening of The Village today in Dbayeh North of Beirut. The warm design, the lively colors, the joyful atmosphere are heart-warming and make you wish you could… Read More